10 July 2018

Free Crochet Pattern: Tiny Flowers

Hi dolls - I have a mini tutorial for you today to make tiny crochet flower embellishments!

This easy pattern...
  ♥  Only takes a few minutes or less to make one
  ♥  Is great for beginners to practice making uniform shapes
  ♥  Is a great stash buster.
Gauge, hook, and yarn size does not matter. I do suggest you go a half size smaller for your hook, so you can pull the flower tight. If you are a beginner, try a plain yarn suited for a 4mm-6mm hook in cotton, acrylic, or polyester, instead of fancy yarns.

Materials (what I used):
  ♥  Yarn (4mm acrylic)
  ♥  Half a size smaller than your yarn's suggested hook size (3.5mm)
  ♥  Rhinestones, cabochons, pom poms, etc. (4mm pearl cabochons)

(1) Make a magic ring. Check out some fantastic tutorials here.
(2) 8 sc in the ring.
(3) Pull tight, and finish off (FO). Sew ends to the back, not the side you see when you crochet.
(4) Glue on an embellishment in the centre, and it is ready to use in your craft projects! I hope you all enjoyed this little pattern.

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