02 June 2018

CO+K Christchurch City Guide

Hi dolls! I meant to share this a while ago for my Christchurch City Guide on Cut Out + Keep! It took a while to make as most of the city is still in its rebuild stage. Here's a few snippets from my post:

There is a lot going on, new buildings, and shops moving all the time, as well as road works constantly when you are navigating the city due to the devastating earthquakes in 2010, 2011, and Kaikoura in 2016. Though, it can be challenging sometimes, you will always discover something new in this resilient city!

I've been living here for about three years now, and I'm always discovering new places, things to do, and incredible street art. I hope you enjoy this 'wee gem of a city', known as the Garden City, and one day get to explore this beautiful country. Happy travels!

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