24 April 2015

Hello, New Zealand!

Hi dolls! Sorry, it's been a while since I posted. I recently moved to New Zealand in February of this year for my PhD studies. I'm currently in the process of working on a mini revamp for my blog, and as well as figuring out a schedule for working part-time on Berry Sweet Treats. I'm still pinning away, posting photos (new photos will be up in a few days), and sharing tutorials!

Also, I've been crocheting quite a bit to decorate my new room! There's a few photos on Instagram, and the links to the patterns. There will be some new tutorials posted on my blog soon, including some of my own, so stay tuned!

Adorable crochet tissue box cozy tutorial by Twinkie Chan that I used to make this for my room!

Speaking of decor, one of my new favourite things is my Budgie Bunting DIY Kit from the awesome founder Leona of the Lucky Dip Club (check her out)! I used to have three budgies, and it's a sweet reminder of them: so cute and colourful.

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