26 October 2015

Handmade in NZ

Hello dolls! It's been a while since I posted since moving to New Zealand. I've been working on a few new things as I mentioned from the last post, and here's news item #1! Berry Sweet Treats is now sold at HAPA in Christchurch! This exclusive crocheted sushi + dumpling four-piece set is available only at HAPA for $52 NZD, and there are three sets available.
Check out other handmade artists featured at HAPA!
Nom nom nom! Yummy crocheted sushi and a dumping.

Stay tuned on BST's Facebook Page for more news & updates...


06 June 2015

Another Swap Milestone!

Hi dolls! I'm enjoying the rain and fresh fall leaves... in June!? Yup! I'm getting used to the Southern Hemisphere of seasons in my new area. I did my first few swaps here from New Zealand (yay!), and I love the mail stamp that comes up when you send it: From the Middle of Middle Earth - New Zealand (below). I hope my swap partners are as happy as this as I am!

Another very special shout-out to the Rachel & Travis from www.swap-bot.com: congratulations on Swap-Bot's 200,000th swap

Such a phenomenal accomplishment with 413 swappers! I'm glad to be part of such a wonderful mail & art community, and have made a lot of great friends along the way. (Check out the 100,000th swap post here).

My New Zealand souvenir postcards I sent out for my swaps!


24 April 2015

Hello, New Zealand!

Hi dolls! Sorry, it's been a while since I posted. I recently moved to New Zealand in February of this year for my PhD studies. I'm currently in the process of working on a mini revamp for my blog, and as well as figuring out a schedule for working part-time on Berry Sweet Treats. I'm still pinning away, posting photos (new photos will be up in a few days), and sharing tutorials!

Also, I've been crocheting quite a bit to decorate my new room! There's a few photos on Instagram, and the links to the patterns. There will be some new tutorials posted on my blog soon, including some of my own, so stay tuned!

Adorable crochet tissue box cozy tutorial by Twinkie Chan that I used to make this for my room!

Speaking of decor, one of my new favourite things is my Budgie Bunting DIY Kit from the awesome founder Leona of the Lucky Dip Club (check her out)! I used to have three budgies, and it's a sweet reminder of them: so cute and colourful.

19 January 2015

Giveaways & Exchanges

Hey dolls! This will be a short (but awesome) post for an epic giveaway and a mini feature!

This feature is highlighting the amazing Kerry from Handmade Success who has incredible business advice, her bestselling Etsy Kit book, and of course, fun handmade exchanges. I've participated in her past Handmade Success Holiday Card Exchange 2013Handmade Success Spring Card Exchange 2014, and now the 1st Handmade Success Holiday Gift Exchange!

I'm currently a sponsor for the awesome crochet artist Twinkie Chan, who makes amazing food-inspired accessories. Check out some of her work below, and she has amazing free patterns!
Twinkie Chan's adorable Cupcake Coffee Cup Cozies!
Now on to the GIVEAWAY!

Win the PARTY MIX from Berry Sweet Treats (including tons of other prizes from other fantastic sponsors)! PARTY MIX set includes: pink panda card, kawaii pink gift tags, lolita pink & blue pearl hair comb, blue bunny hair slide, strawberry sparkle hair clip, and an OREO polymer clay necklace. Contest closes January 22nd, 2015 at midnight PST. Good luck!

09 January 2015

Welcome, 2015!

Hello dolls! 2015 is finally here! I hope you all had amazing new year celebrations, and are ready to embark on new adventures for this year.

 "The secret of getting ahead is getting started," — Mark Twain 

Let's challenge ourselves -- creatively, mentally, physically and do things we only dreamed of. I've begun some of my goals: I learned how to crochet (more to follow in the next post)!

Here's some more inspirational quotes, ideas and more from my "Advice & Life" Pinterest Board to get you living your best year in 2015. Check my Pinterest often for other cool, cute and berry sweet things!

Looking forward to another beautiful year with you all ♥

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