21 August 2013

Berry Crafty Guide { Mail Art }

I hope you enjoy the fourth crafty inspiration from the A Berry Crafty Guide series, this one discovering the versatility of Mail Art!

"Mail art—along with the synonymous terms Postal art and Correspondence art—refers to small-scale works that utilize the mail as a distribution system. These terms have also come to refer to related formats, including artist-designed “postage stamps,” postcards, and even impressions from rubber stamps." -- You can read tons more on their site about Mail Art and its history!

examples of my work:

Creating Mail Art:
There are many techniques you can use when creating mail art. You can use many styles of envelopes (or even DIY them!) as your base. There are also many techniques such as painting, drawing, stickers, collage, etc. to incorporate for mail art. Make sure your designs are secured before mailing so that nothing falls off! Below are some great introductory techniques and lots of amazing inspirations to get you started in beautifying your mail! Remember: you are only limited by your imagination!

 Great resources to get you started: 

09 August 2013

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