29 January 2013

Berry Crafty Guide { ATCs }

This is the first post for my A Berry Crafty Guide series, this one featuring ATCs! For each crafty guide, I'll have the basics of what the featured craft is about including ideas and inspirations. Here is the first of the monthly series for 2013. I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to post any ideas for tutorials or future posts you'd like to see below. Happy crafting!

As found on the Swap-Bot Glossary page:
"Artist trading cards (ATCs) are miniature pieces of art that are traded around the world. Artists create, trade and collect art at organized “swap” events or through the mail, in person or online. The only official rule for ATCs is the size: 2.5″ x 3.5″. As a general rule, swaps are open to any media, materials or techniques as long as the card fits into a standard trading card sleeve. ATCs are traded, not sold."

However, ACEOs are different:
"There are some artists who choose to sell cards. Cards that are sold are called Art Card Editions and Originals (ACEO) and are often found directly on the artist’s site."

examples of my work:

Creating ATCs:
Techniques include painting, collage, drawing, digital photography, etc. Any mediums can be used for ATCs including ribbon, felt, glitter, stickers, prints, paper, stamps, ink, and many more. Usually, the background is sturdy such as chipboard or cardboard. Remember: you are only limited by your imagination!

 Great resources to get you started: 

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