28 December 2012

Feature // Cuteness Overload

Hello dolls, it finally snowed here! Kind of exciting, but I feel it is going to be a long winter (so far about 10 cm). I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday break - I know I went a little Boxing Day crazy - online shopping of course! This is a special mini feature of two amazing + talented artists: Crazy Craft and boopsiedaisy

Catherine // Crazy Craft

She makes super kawaii crocheted cute amigurumi toys, 
and her artwork is amazing!
Furry Mini Chocolate Cupcake Bunny
Star shapped cookie (inspired by one of my rings!)

Missy Munday // boopsiedaisy
She creates "Kitschy Fine Art Prints & Big Eye Dolls" 
that are deliciously fabulous!
deer strawberry print 8 x12 Berry Fawnd of You 
ice cream print 8 x 12 KEWPIE WANT 

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  1. I never thanked you for this, Sabrina, so thank you with all my might, hun! You rock my socks right off!!!!!!


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