18 October 2012

Pintastical Pins - Part 9

Hi dolls! I hope you all are having a fabulous week! This is a special Halloween version of my Pintastical Pins, and you can find more on my Pinterest here. What are you going to do for Halloween? Enjoy the beautiful fall season!

Coming Soon!

15 October 2012


My new flavors.me page!

Hi dolls! A quick Berry Biz Tip today: organizing all of your links on one page! I'm trying out flavors.me (see a screen shot of my page below)! However, this only allows you to have 5 links on your page for the free version. I mainly use my about.me which is not only fully customizable, but you can add as many links and apps you'd like. Both are available as apps for smart phones as well! I'm going to play around and see which I like, and learn how to use both effectively. What are you using to share all of your social media presence?

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