28 August 2012

Alice in Wonderland // Inspiration

Hi dolls! I can't believe summer is almost over, and it's back to school/work/fall so soon. I'm in need of some new inspiration, so I finally have my Tumblr account up and running. It's {all things alice in wonderland + other art inspirations}!

I've been organizing my room and found some great items to help me sort out my accessories. Check out this lovely hot pink ring holder I bought; isn't it adorable (plus, it's super affordable!)? Also, I bought an earring holder, and there's tons of cute pieces on eBay, or why not DIY one yourself? Lots of inspirations on Pinterest. I'm working on editing my wardrobe, and adding some new pieces, as well as redesigning my space so it's a lot more functional. I will be posting back here with photos of how it goes!

For now, some more Alice in Wonderland inspiration (it's an oldie but a goodie, and I'm glad to see No Doubt is back too!). That's all for now dolls xo

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