23 July 2012

Creativity + Inspiration

Hey dolls! Summer is a great time to get inspired, don't you think? The lovely hot days, warm nights, bright colors, and of course the beach! I've been tapping into my creativity from nature, and of course on Pinterest. Here are some of my up-coming creativity goals that I find inspiration and to try new fields of art techniques:

Also, I'm planning on checking out one of my favorite artist's exhibit in Toronto: AGO to Present Major Exhibition of Picasso Works in 2012! I saw Picasso's Museum when I traveled to Barcelona, Spain, a few years ago, and it was incredible. He was such a talented artist, where his works sparked me to try different art forms, as well as the culture across the city. Any unique inspirations you've had? I'd love to hear about them below! That's all for now dolls xo

A special shout-out to all those that came to the check out Berry Sweet Treats at the  Paint-A-Thon event July 14th, 2012 (12pm - 8pm) at Markham Civic Centre - 101 Town Centre Blvd! - Event Photos to follow!

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