22 June 2011

Shop Re-Opening!

Hey everyone! Today is officially the first day of summer! I hope you are all getting out there and enjoying the awesome weather. You should definately come check out Berry Sweet Treats this Saturday, June 25, 2011 from 11am-4pm for the Keep & Collect Market LAUNCH at The Freeway Coffee House! (333 King St. E. Hamilton, ON) It is going to be a great event with awesomely talented indie artists and more.

Shop Announcements:
  • I have re-opened my first shop Glamazon Zero Eight - Sabrina Dee Berry - for cute handmade packaging & supplies! Also, all deco tapes, embellishments and stickers have moved here, including vintage finds.
  • Lip Balms are currently sold-out! I will be making new batches of French Vanilla and Sweet Watermelon flavors, along with a bunch of new ones, that will be up in a few weeks or so! Thanks so much for the awesome response + feedback for them!
  • IMPORTANT! As most of you know, the current Canada Post strike will cause a delay in mailing/receving your items. Currently, there is no incoming/outgoing mail as of June 15, 2011. I will continue to post updates. (Canada Post has resumed back to normal.) Please send me a convo message on Etsy or e-mail (sabrinadeeberry@gmail.com) if you have any questions.

 BONUS:  cool picture for the day! Look how awesome this upcycling is - The Region of Peel has these pencils upcycled out reclaimed denim, and the Social Housing Services Corporation has pens made from cardboard and wood scraps! Some new DIY + crafty inspiration for all those scraps. That's all for now dolls! xoxo

04 June 2011

Berry Biz Tip - Etsy ♥

Hi everyone! Tomorrow is the big day - the 39th annual Bread & Honey Festival! I can't wait to see all of you crafters and Etsians there. Just getting some last minute items ready and packaged, making my list and checking it twice ... over a lot of times! Some basic items on my list: calculator, sales receipt books, tape, pens, mirrors, paper bags, etc. Here is an awesome check list I found from Handmadeology, which is a great resource for tips, selling, marketing, etc.! Also, the other day, a fellow Etsian asked me about my sales and how I got to the point where I am right now, and I still think I have a lot to learn! In my experience and seeing other sellers that are truly successful (doing what they love in the process of paying their bills), these are some of the key things every shop MUST have:
  1. Present your product. Pictures are pretty much the only thing your customers have to see online. Also, make sure you tag your items well, and have great descriptions. 
  2. Don't be shy! Fill out your information: location, profile, policies, etc. Discuss your interests/hobbies/etc. of how you became a seller or a story about each product. Tell them where you're from! (It's Canadian made!!) That's how I got an offer to sell at a boutique and various craft show opportunities in my local area within a few months of opening shop.
  3. Connect with clients. I have a bunch of things I regularly update such as Flickr, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and not just the usual product pitch. I talk about my interests, other shops, cool articles I find, etc. You can join Etsy Teams! I'm currently in 20+ that I participate in regularly, and I made new connections.
Some sellers and I send extra business cards to each other so they can ship them out with their packages. Also, wear YOUR OWN pieces - it's free advertising for you!
Another great resource from Etsy - what I like to call the "Sellers' Greatest Hits" can be found here for everything you need to know about being an Etsy seller! Lastly, some more inspiration for you all - join the Etsy Craft Party on June 10, 2011! Here's all the info (plus a downloadable craft kit) you need to know for this awesome event. That's all for now dolls! xoxo 

02 June 2011

Berry Biz Tip - Cute Storage & Display Inspiration

Here's some cute ideas I found for storage - some have DIY tutorials too! They are so adorable and could even be used as display items! Create, inspire & enjoy! xoxo
Chalkboard Labels ~ sugarbsupplies
Inspirational Organizer ~ Debbie Mumm
Deco Den Mason Jar ~ Berry Sweet Treats
DIY Scrapbook Storage Box ~ boqinana
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