21 May 2011

Lovely Inspiration

Hey everyone! Finally after almost 2 weeks of rain, it is so sunny and lovely outside. The weather is picking up, and the bright beautiful colors hold for some awesome inspiration. Here's a few pictures from my garden right now - the colors are so vibrant!

I'm working on new items (for Bread & Honey) as well as super cute packaging supplies inspired by lush colors like these. Soon, I'll have mini vintage bags, beauty envelopes, button stickers, and a whole lot more.

Also, for packaging as promised, I have made a full picture tutorial for how I package my items that will be posted tomorrow on Cut Out & Keep for inexpensive, cute, and upcycled packaging! Here is a kawaii/cute Strawberry pendant necklace I made inspired by the pink color. You can check out new Berry Sweet Treats items and previews on Etsy, Flickr, and Twitter. That's all for now dolls, and happy inspiring crafting to you! xoxo

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