26 March 2011

Spring is Here

Hi dolls! I hope everyone is starting to enjoy some warmer weather - I can't wait for spring and summer! I started getting a little festive with it by buying a pale green and lilac nail polishes. They are so cute and are perfect pastel colors. I was inspired by them so I have some new spring items! There are new spring flower rings (they'd make a gorgeous mothers' day present!) and butterfly stickers. For the guys, I have new science fiction comic book stickers. I have a lot of new stuff on the way, and I'm going to start applying/preparing for craft shows! That's all for now xoxo

06 March 2011

I ♥ Bubble Tea

So the other day I went on a random little Japanese aventure to a local specialty grocery shop on a quest to find mochi. I found my taro mochi (loooveee) AND a million other flavors.

They had green tea, peanut, coconut, etc. and all the Japanese imported candy and sweets you could think of! I bought a few strawberry gummy candies that I'll be sending with a few orders to see how that goes!

I love me some bubble tea too, so I was happy they had DIY bubble tea kits! They have different flavored powder mixes (I got Strawberry), tapioca or jelly to add in, and the jumbo straws. Can't wait to make it!

Last random thing I found on my way out, and I was ecstatic (haha), there was a whole row of Japanese imported blind box toys! I got this kawaii one pictured that I named Orange Chan. Post your latest random adventures here - I'd love to hear about them! xoxo

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