10 February 2011

Special Announcement

I hope everyone enjoyed those lovely tutorials! I'll be working on some more the next few months, and hopefully I can get them up soon on YouTube this time! I've had an account there for ages, but I only listen to music there really. I added my account on the sidebar, but I set it as a search bar right now of my favorites. 
 ♥ Berry Sweet Treats SUPER SPECIAL - get 20% off entire shop with code YUMMY ♥ 
The special announcement I have is that Berry Sweet Treats will be TEMPORARILY CLOSING for about 2 weeks on Friday, February 11th due to my exams and related commitments. All orders purchased on or before Friday, February 11th will be shipped out normally. I will still be around to check my conversations/messages. However, my supply shop www.glamazon08.etsy.com will still be open during this time + new supplies added! Speak soon dolls! xoxo

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