24 February 2011

Green is Yummy

Hi everyone! Still working on school related stuff and taking a mini-vacay from my shop. Applied for my Master's (yay!) but I still have exams and papers to do (boo!). I started a new blog called live green & clean for a class project and because I've always wanted to have a green and environmentally friendly blog. A little shopping bonus - check out these yummy kawaii vegetarian inspired goodies!
Garden Friends Canvas Bag

Save the Earth Go Vegetarian Tank Top

10 February 2011

Special Announcement

I hope everyone enjoyed those lovely tutorials! I'll be working on some more the next few months, and hopefully I can get them up soon on YouTube this time! I've had an account there for ages, but I only listen to music there really. I added my account on the sidebar, but I set it as a search bar right now of my favorites. 
 ♥ Berry Sweet Treats SUPER SPECIAL - get 20% off entire shop with code YUMMY ♥ 
The special announcement I have is that Berry Sweet Treats will be TEMPORARILY CLOSING for about 2 weeks on Friday, February 11th due to my exams and related commitments. All orders purchased on or before Friday, February 11th will be shipped out normally. I will still be around to check my conversations/messages. However, my supply shop www.glamazon08.etsy.com will still be open during this time + new supplies added! Speak soon dolls! xoxo

05 February 2011

Yummy Crafts

Hi everyone! I hope you're all in a crafty mood! I found a few super yummy and kawaii crafts that you can make and customize yourself. Here are the links for these awesome tutorials! 

The video is from a super talented clay artist GentlemanBunny on YouTube! This clip is how to make a delicious coconut cake.

The first cupcake is actually a bath bomb - doesn't it look so real and yummy? It's from Little Birdie Secrets and there step by step picture tutorial will teach you how to make these delicious tub treats.

And for all of you amigurumi + plushie loversout there, how cute is this cupcake bear? Check out the great tutorial from Mandy on Cut Out and Keep! Have fun crafting xoxo

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