25 December 2010

Happy Holidays + New Year ♥

Hello, hello! I did a Christmas tree ornament swap with one of my favorite Etsy sellers (and friend) for the holiday season. Her name on Etsy is CuteCuteWorld and you can see our swap on her blog here. We were supposed to make 3 ornaments out of our own unique style: 1 holiday themed, 1 receiver's choice, and 1 sender's choice. I made her all sewn/plushies: a kawaii pink cupcake, a gingerbread house, and a chocolate chip cookie. She made me her awesome paper designed ice cream, Matryoshka doll, and Santa ornaments.

I thought this was a cool idea, so I hosted one on swap-bot, but I suppose the time I had it set up was too close to the holiday time so I only had one other person swap with me - she's awesome for doing so :). This was the swap Kawaii Handmade Holiday Ornament Swap, and I made this cute gingerbread man.

I believe that's the whole point of this season is to show your appreciation for others with gestures of kindness (this should be throughout the year!) and really be thankful for what you have each and every day. I hope everyone at this stage in my life knows that and I love them all dearly for everything they do for me, especially when making my shop stuff; I do it so others can feel that same love and gratefulness I feel.
I just want to wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season of whatever you celebrate! Wishing you and your families + friends an amazing new year full of laughter + health + happiness!
That's all for now dolls, and see you (hopefully) before my birthday (on the 30th) and the new year! xoxo


  1. Happy Birthday 2 You, Happy Birthday 2 You, Happy Birthday Dear Sabrina!! Happy Birthday 2 You!!!

    Hope you've a lovely day!!

    All The Best,

    ps: Love the blog!!

  2. Aww thanks Dave! I hope you had a great holiday! Thanks for the awesome comments, I finally got to show you the vintage horse! :D

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