02 December 2010

Blogger - Make new friends!

If you've read my previous post about starting swap-bot, I am now addicted to it! I love it! It's so fun to meet new people and see the great things they all do and make! The latest swap I joined is hosted by dreamlilyWe have 5 assigned partners, and we have to follow them and write a comment on the post with the title! You can check it out here!

I am currently hosting my second swap: Kawaii Handmade Holiday Ornament Swap, and check it out if you want to join. That's all for now! xoxo
P.S. The craft show was a success! I sold quite a bit, made some amazing contacts, and most importantly, made a lot of people happy with the stuff I make. Couldn't have asked for a better show. I'll get pictures up soon! A special thanks to my lovely Matryoshka who helped me!


  1. Hi there, Keaniebean from Swapbot.I am in love with your little plushies they are really cool.x

  2. Hi, I'm Pikaboo from the Blogger-Make new friends swap on swapbot! You have such cute stuff!!!

  3. Aww thanks Mumma Troll and Pikaboo! I will be listing some tutorials on how to make them.


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