23 December 2010

Awesome Day + Vintage & New Finds

Yesterday I was at The RAGE in Kensington Market giving my last shipment [they're closing in January :( ] and I'm so happy I sold all of my pillows! I bought another cool t-shirt from an awesome designer Hieng Tang of a squid! I also have a deer print that are really unique, and trust me, you'll receive a lot of compliments.

The night kept getting better and better after I arrived in Kensington, where I was told that there was the Winter Solstice Festival @ Kensington Market, and I happened to be there, and it was a lot of fun! There were elaborate displays, giant puppets, amazing lanterns, and lots of music to celebrate the return of light. I took some video clips and pictures, and I'll try to get them up on here. You can read about it here.

I popped into some more shops on the streets, and I found this lovely shop called Butterfly and it has one of kind kawaii/cute/kitsch jewelry, belts, sunglasses and more.
BUTTERFLY 42 Kensington 416-597-9049 Accessories and jewellery, silver, purses, body jewellery, belt, lighters, hats, and incense.
Lastly, while on my way to the next street, I had to pass by this fabric place. As I ventured in, I found a little vintage booth selling books, trading cards, and art. Then I saw the most fabulous vintage piece (I'm going to use it as a prop) - a 1960s carousel pony! I just had to have it! It's still in great condition, the paint has all chipped, so I'm going to repaint it and fix it up (another project added to the list). That's all for now dolls! xoxo


  1. Very cute. Where do you plan on putting it?

  2. Nice find! Can't wait to see it finished and displayed...

  3. Thanks so much! I'm not sure yet, I was thinking to use it as a prop in my displays for bigger items. I'm still deciding if I should repaint it or not.


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