25 September 2010

New Changes!

I haven't been on in a while; I just graduated in June 2010! I finished my degree in Business Management, and I'm really happy about it. I've been working on some major changes, and the first one is my shop has now moved to Berry Sweet Treats!

The old shop still has items for sale, but just supplies. There are lots of new items listed under the new shop including Stationery, Paper Goods, and Sweet Hair accessories!

Also, Berry Sweet Treats items are now exclusively sold at THE RAGE downtown Toronto in Kensington Market! Check it out and other amazing artists at THE RAGE!

I'll be here more often updating and posting new stuff including tutorials! In the meantime, you can check out my shop (items shown on the left), and follow me on Twitter for new contests, giveaways, and promos! That's all for now, and see you soon!! xoxo

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