25 December 2010

Happy Holidays + New Year ♥

Hello, hello! I did a Christmas tree ornament swap with one of my favorite Etsy sellers (and friend) for the holiday season. Her name on Etsy is CuteCuteWorld and you can see our swap on her blog here. We were supposed to make 3 ornaments out of our own unique style: 1 holiday themed, 1 receiver's choice, and 1 sender's choice. I made her all sewn/plushies: a kawaii pink cupcake, a gingerbread house, and a chocolate chip cookie. She made me her awesome paper designed ice cream, Matryoshka doll, and Santa ornaments.

I thought this was a cool idea, so I hosted one on swap-bot, but I suppose the time I had it set up was too close to the holiday time so I only had one other person swap with me - she's awesome for doing so :). This was the swap Kawaii Handmade Holiday Ornament Swap, and I made this cute gingerbread man.

23 December 2010

Awesome Day + Vintage & New Finds

Yesterday I was at The RAGE in Kensington Market giving my last shipment [they're closing in January :( ] and I'm so happy I sold all of my pillows! I bought another cool t-shirt from an awesome designer Hieng Tang of a squid! I also have a deer print that are really unique, and trust me, you'll receive a lot of compliments.

The night kept getting better and better after I arrived in Kensington, where I was told that there was the Winter Solstice Festival @ Kensington Market, and I happened to be there, and it was a lot of fun! There were elaborate displays, giant puppets, amazing lanterns, and lots of music to celebrate the return of light. I took some video clips and pictures, and I'll try to get them up on here. You can read about it here.

I popped into some more shops on the streets, and I found this lovely shop called Butterfly and it has one of kind kawaii/cute/kitsch jewelry, belts, sunglasses and more.
BUTTERFLY 42 Kensington 416-597-9049 Accessories and jewellery, silver, purses, body jewellery, belt, lighters, hats, and incense.
Lastly, while on my way to the next street, I had to pass by this fabric place. As I ventured in, I found a little vintage booth selling books, trading cards, and art. Then I saw the most fabulous vintage piece (I'm going to use it as a prop) - a 1960s carousel pony! I just had to have it! It's still in great condition, the paint has all chipped, so I'm going to repaint it and fix it up (another project added to the list). That's all for now dolls! xoxo

15 December 2010

Now on Facebook!

Hi everyone! I know it's been a while since I posted on here - for reason - exams are almost done! I have a bunch of new things I'm working on (including swaps) that will be posted soon. Some include the vintage story book stickers I have listed and a lot more plushies, hair accessories and clay charms on the way!

A couple of pieces of new and exciting news: Berry Sweet Treats is now on Facebook! You can check me out there along with the links to all of my other tutorials, Twitter, etc. and I am working on updating my YouTube account with video tutorials! Stay tuned...

I am one of the newest members of the fabolous Etsy Tea Party Team! Check out the gorgeous kawaii, lolita, hime styles and items of the team members here. I am also now a member of the Etsy Chat Team! See all the other chatters/bloggers/tweeters/ and their shops here. That's all for now dolls! xoxo

02 December 2010

Blogger - Make new friends!

If you've read my previous post about starting swap-bot, I am now addicted to it! I love it! It's so fun to meet new people and see the great things they all do and make! The latest swap I joined is hosted by dreamlilyWe have 5 assigned partners, and we have to follow them and write a comment on the post with the title! You can check it out here!

I am currently hosting my second swap: Kawaii Handmade Holiday Ornament Swap, and check it out if you want to join. That's all for now! xoxo
P.S. The craft show was a success! I sold quite a bit, made some amazing contacts, and most importantly, made a lot of people happy with the stuff I make. Couldn't have asked for a better show. I'll get pictures up soon! A special thanks to my lovely Matryoshka who helped me!

16 November 2010

You're invited this Saturday, November 20th, 2010!

Hey everyone! I'm so excited, it's the final week until I'm a vendor at my first craft show!! I've been really busy making new pieces as well as studying for exams (almost finished!), and getting my grad school application together. I can't wait to meet other local Etsians and vendors, and see what everyone has created. Come out and have a great time supporting local and handmade goods! Looking forward to seeing you all there. That's all for now! See you all soon xoxo

Check it out here!

Details: BERRY SWEET TREATS at the 3rd annual Thomas Street Middle School Craft Show this Saturday, November 20th, 2010 from 10am to 3pm! For more info and directions click here.

04 November 2010

Win these Cute Animal Gift Tags!

A little giveaway (before I do a big holiday contest) for these 3 cute animal gift tags!
Answer the following question:
What was Scrooge’s first name?
How to Enter & Rules:
Email your answers to sabrinadeeberry@gmail.com with the subject Berry Sweet Gift Tags Giveaway. Contest closes midnight November 21, 2010. Out of all the correct entries, one winner will be chosen at random, and winner will be contacted in how to claim their prize. Thank you for entering, and good luck! That's all for now! xoxo

21 October 2010

Feature // Kawaii Plush + Dolls

Some of the cutest kawaii items I think, hands down, are dolls and plush! Everything from commercial items (like Sanrio) to handmade one of a kind creation really show how versatile kawaii can be, and how different artists put their own interpretations on them. One of my favorites right now - that I totally stumbled upon by accident! It was a present from my aunt in the UK (。◕‿‿◕。) - are the Momiji wood dolls! They are "...inspired by friendship and little kindnesses. It's about filling life with memories and messages." Aww, how cute! Here's a picture of mine below called Favorite Person:
My Momiji Doll ~ "Favorite Person"

For unique handmade one of a kind kawaii plush dolls, here are two great sellers on Etsy that I adore! (Click the picture for the link to their shops.)
Amigurumi & kawaii plush ~ twistyfishies

Weird & unique cat plush ~ zeropumpkin

P.S. Here are a few of my felt creations on Deviant Art and Cut Out and Keep. That's all for now! xoxo

17 October 2010

Berry Biz Tip - I Heart Craft Shows

I'm so excited for the TSMS Craft Show I'm doing Saturday November 20, 2010 (10am - 4pm)! It's my first one, and so far I've got my items packaged and ready. Still have some sewing plushie projects to work on (they'll be up on Etsy too!). I have a bunch of things left to do like make a banner, display cases, get a drop cloth, inventory list, etc. not including studying for exams and writing papers haha ~ I think I should have started preparing 2 months ago. To all of those also doing craft shows, newbies and vets, I found some great tips here on Etsy. How was your first craft show? Feel free to share your stories below! That's all for now! xoxo

My new business cards!

12 October 2010

Fabric Covered Buttons

I love Japanese fabrics! They are so cute and come in an array of colors, textures, and prints. I've started making fabric covered buttons with them, and turning them into cute accessories like rings and hair pins. Some pictures of rings I've been working on. The floral one is not Japanese fabric, but still cute! I have a scrap pack of fabrics for sale in my Etsy shop.
Two awesome shops that sell Japanese fabrics:
Fat Connection

Emi Craft in Japan

Here is a great tutorial to get you started if you don't know how to cover buttons with fabric (plus they give you some great project ideas!). Fabric Covered Buttons Tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets
That's all for now; Happy Thanksgiving and see you all soon! xoxo

11 October 2010

Kiwi's Blogger Follower Swap

I've recently started swapping on swap-bot and I love it! My latest swap is hosted by kiwivandal, and this post is about it:

We have 5 assigned partners, and we have to follow them and write a comment on the post with the title: "Kiwi's Blogger Follower Swap - this way your partners know you were there and that you have hit the follow button."

What a great way to get some exposure for your blog and meet new bloggers. Can't wait to get started! You can check it out here!

04 October 2010

New Items!

Hey everyone, I'm now selling exclusive items on FUNKY FINDS! You can check out the link below, plus, there is a 15% off entire purchase coupon code there valid until November 3, 2010.
http://www.funkyfinds.us/theshops/Berry-Sweet-Treats.html (Shop closed)
I have new items listed in my Etsy shop as well like these You Make Me Smile Green Polka Dot Gift Tags here. Also, check out my SALE items! (Everything is $2.50 or less!)

I also took the "Buy Handmade" pledge! My button is on the side, and you can take the pledge too, and get your own button for your blog here. (Link no longer works!)

New Christmas items coming soon to an Etsy shop near you! Working on a few tutorials as well... to be posted soon! That's all for now and have a great day! xoxo

27 September 2010

Kawaii Alligator Hair Clip Tutorial

How is everyone today? I hope you're all in a crafty mood as I made a new tutorial for you all on how to make really cute alligator hair clips! I listed there how to find the materials as well, and if you have any questions you can comment here or where the tutorial is posted! I hope you have fun making them, and feel free to check out what I have online on my Etsy shop if you're not able to make them or you want to buy them. Stay tuned for more tutorials and new stuff! xoxo

25 September 2010

New Changes!

I haven't been on in a while; I just graduated in June 2010! I finished my degree in Business Management, and I'm really happy about it. I've been working on some major changes, and the first one is my shop has now moved to Berry Sweet Treats!

The old shop still has items for sale, but just supplies. There are lots of new items listed under the new shop including Stationery, Paper Goods, and Sweet Hair accessories!

Also, Berry Sweet Treats items are now exclusively sold at THE RAGE downtown Toronto in Kensington Market! Check it out and other amazing artists at THE RAGE!

I'll be here more often updating and posting new stuff including tutorials! In the meantime, you can check out my shop (items shown on the left), and follow me on Twitter for new contests, giveaways, and promos! That's all for now, and see you soon!! xoxo

10 April 2010

Work in Progress!

These are the latest items I've been working on in my Etsy Shop!

Create a Cupcake keychain plush

Kawaii Star Cookie Rings and Cupcakes
(only pendants and keychains available)

Bunny Hairclips

Strawberry Cheesecake Phone Charm

You can always find my updated items from the following links:

Cutest Non-Secret Secret!

I absolutely love this blog called Little Birdie Secrets! There are so many great projects and how-to's on there that are really inspirational and creative!      

My favorite one right now is "How to Make Torn Paper Flowers" and I started making my own cards and tags, and the first ones can be seen in my Etsy shop!

08 January 2010


I make felt plush and polymer clay charms and figurines! The majority of the items I make are only made once, and all of them with love, patience, and time. This blog will show you how to make, create, and shop kawaii! Hope to see you back soon xoxo
♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

You can check out what I sell and my art at:
My Etsy Shop - Glamazon Zero Eight

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

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