08 December 2018

The 'It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas' Mākete 2018!

Hi dolls! A little reminder that Berry Sweet Treats will be at the The Arts Centre of Christchurch - The 'It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas' Mākete on 9 December 2018 from 10am - 4pm! The event is hosted by Arts Centre Makete and The Arts Centre te Matatiki Toi Ora.

Come out to see this amazing holiday (and free!) event, and purchase some beautifully special and unique gifts this holiday season!
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19 November 2018

🌙 Sailor Moon Inspired Accessories ⭐

Hello dolls! I've recently explored the wonderful world of resin! It's such as versatile medium, and you can add so many different textures, clay pieces, glitters, and more. A trend that's been around for a while is filling metal bezels (aka open charms) to create other amazing jewellery and accessories.

This is my first time using UV resin, which is cured with a UV light or outdoors on a sunny day. I decided to try my version of Sailor Moon's Crystal Star as a pendant, and I am really happy in how it turned out.
My version of Sailor Moon's Crystal Star inspired charm!
I also had an idea to make mini Crystal Star crochet keychains, and here's the first colour! The star pattern is based on the super talented móhu's star pattern.
Sailor Moon's Crystal Star inspired lollipop keychain!
I'll have some more updates and creations soon. These pieces were also part of #The100DayProject for my 100 Days of Making Cute Things on Instagram (check out the everything here). Let me know in the comments below what you're working on or what inspires you!

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24 July 2018

Midwinter Carnival 2018!

Hi dolls! Berry Sweet Treats will be at The Arts Centre of Christchurch - Midwinter Carnival on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 August 2018 from 4pm to 9pm!

I will have some sweet previews on Instagram and some surprises to share before then... Check out the amazing artists at this free event, and make sure to save the date!
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10 July 2018

Free Crochet Pattern: Tiny Flowers

Hi dolls - I have a mini tutorial for you today to make tiny crochet flower embellishments!

This easy pattern...
  ♥  Only takes a few minutes or less to make one
  ♥  Is great for beginners to practice making uniform shapes
  ♥  Is a great stash buster.
Gauge, hook, and yarn size does not matter. I do suggest you go a half size smaller for your hook, so you can pull the flower tight. If you are a beginner, try a plain yarn suited for a 4mm-6mm hook in cotton, acrylic, or polyester, instead of fancy yarns.

Materials (what I used):
  ♥  Yarn (4mm acrylic)
  ♥  Half a size smaller than your yarn's suggested hook size (3.5mm)
  ♥  Rhinestones, cabochons, pom poms, etc. (4mm pearl cabochons)

(1) Make a magic ring. Check out some fantastic tutorials here.
(2) 8 sc in the ring.
(3) Pull tight, and finish off (FO). Sew ends to the back, not the side you see when you crochet.
(4) Glue on an embellishment in the centre, and it is ready to use in your craft projects! I hope you all enjoyed this little pattern.

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