05 March 2020

Bear Mods For Crochet Burger Pattern!

As posted earlier this week on Instagram, I entered Lincraft's competition for making one of their How To's, which was this awesome (free) A529 Crochet Burger pattern by Janine Tsakisiris.

I used the base pattern to make this burger bear! I used a wooden skewer, with a handmade flag out of deco tape, to hold it all down. Below are the patterns for the ears and muzzle to complete the bear mod.

  • Use the same yarn and hook specified in the pattern
  • 5mm crochet hook
  • 10ply white yarn (small amount)
  • 8ply/DK black yarn (tiny amount)
  • black thread
  • sewing needle
  • scissors
  • fabric glue OR hot glue (optional)
  • blush (optional)
  • Magic Ring
  • Crocheting in the round
  • US Terminology used

 Ears x 2  (same tan colour as bun):
  1. MR 6 in circle (6)
  2. Inc each sc (12)
  3. (12)
  4. (12) FO and leave tail for sewing to top bun.
 Muzzle  x 1 (white, 10ply yarn):
  1. MR 13 HDC into circle (13)
  2. FO: leave tail for sewing on top bun OR use glue (what I used).

  • Below stuffing and closing up the top bun, place safety eyes about 13 sts apart, three rows from the bottom of the colour change (last row where you crocheted into the BL only).  
  • After stuffing and closing up the top bun, find placement for ears on top bun. Mine were about 15 sts apart, 6 rows down from the top of the bun, and falls vertically about 7 rows down. I placed the ears slightly at an angle.
  • Sew a little mouth with two strands of black sewing thread on muzzle piece. Then, use one strand of black yarn to embroider four or five lines in the same st, 1 st across. Tie knots on the back and/or use glue to secure.
  • Sew or glue muzzle to top bun evenly between the eyes. Add some pink blush (or chalk; or cut out pink circles of felt to sew or glue on). 
  • Finish with making a little skewer to hold the whole stack together! Enjoy! 🍔🐻

30 November 2019

Last Market of 2019: The All I Want For Christmas Mākete!

Hi dolls! Berry Sweet Treats will be at the The Arts Centre of Christchurch - The All I Want For Christmas Mākete on Sunday 1 December 2019 from 10am - 4pm for my last market of 2019! The event is hosted by Arts Centre Makete and The Arts Centre the Matatiki Toi Ora.

Other key info (from The Arts Centre):
  • We will have an eco gift wrapping station set up for shoppers to wrap their purchases. This will be stocked with wrapping paper, cards, ribbon etc left over from Christmas’s past – if you have an items you wish to donate to the stock please bring it with you on Sunday.
  • Our kids area will include a letter to Santa station with post box.
  • There will be a mix of live music and a Xmas mix.
  • From 10 -12 there will be a Christmas decoration craft activity set up under the glass canopy.

Come out to see this free event, and start your holiday shopping early! I'll have previews and my specials up during the rest of Saturday on Facebook and Instagram.

07 October 2019

The Monster Spring Clean Mākete

Hi dolls! Berry Sweet Treats will be at the The Arts Centre of Christchurch - The Monster Spring Clean Mākete on 13 October 2019 from 10am - 4pm! The event is hosted by Arts Centre Makete and The Arts Centre te Matatiki Toi Ora.

"It’s time to grab a bargain as our beloved stall holders have a spring clean of all the projects that have been lurking in their jam-packed craft cupboards and studios.
Expect to find one-off gems, spectacular specials, craft supplies, end of line items and discounted seconds - not to mention a selection of treasures from the deepest, darkest corners of The Arts Centre Te Matatiki Toi Ora buildings.
PLUS a monster making station to keep the kids busy too."
Come out to see this cool (and free!) event, and grab yourself some amazing deals! I'll have previews and my specials up later this week on Facebook and Instagram.

06 October 2019

NEW Stock at HAPA!

Hi dolls! I haven't posted on here in ages - I've been finishing up a few personal goals, moved to a new house, and got a puppy! More updates on those things to follow. I hope you all have been having an amazing year so far, and achieving your goals and dreams.

A quick update: some new stock has arrived at HAPA! I've made a bunch of sushi keychains, gyoza (dumplings), and Bao dolls.

Also, some sweet bon bon magnets of strawberries, chocolate swirls, and all sorts. Check them out on my Instagram for more details about these products. Catch up soon!

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